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Physics in the Twenty-first Century


Bibhas De

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Civilizations rise; civilizations fall
What man creates, man destroys
This is how history unfolds
In any civilization, physicists represent the highest intellectual plane achieved
Today they are demonstrably in a state of wholesale intellectual corruption
They are the vanguard of the downturn of our splendid civilization
And for good measure, they blocked off the slot of the Supreme Savior
You are watching history unfold
But is there hope?



The birth of Quantum Theory a hundred years ago caused physics to experience an unprecedented movement forward. But slowly and imperceptively, physics also began then to go astray. People ran with Quantum Theory before completing the foundation of Classical Physics. Elegant and internally consistent superstructures of ideas have been developed and lauded and considered consummated. These ideas have then been protected through developing an organized force of thought police. In reality, these ideological constructs represent a parallel, make-believe world that does not touch the true reality of physics. Today’s theoretical physicists are sleepwalkers.

But reader, do not underestimate these people – they are the single most powerful group of intellectuals in the human history. They know full well that sleepwalking is what they are doing. They feel completely secure in this knowledge. In the unlikely event that their make-believe world is exposed, they will claim the well-established "sleepwalker defense". There will be no price to pay. And they can keep all their prizes and accolades and epaulets and stars, and even their sainthoods. This is the ultimate win-win situation: You win - you take all. You lose - you take all.

Physics exploration has run out of steam. All we are seeing today is tremendous gesturing and posturing – “sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

But, if you have penetrated through the layers of deception and arrived at the above realization, you still have not arrived at the core. At the core is the most diabolical plan that mankind has ever witnessed. Towards executing that plan, they have already started committing most clever science fraud.

When a scientific community goes bad, it should be a matter of far greater fear for mankind than when the politicians or the clergy go bad.

Be afraid. Very afraid!



Many important developments in physics occurred, or were seeded, in the early years of the Twentieth Century. The present time - and especially the year 2005 - thus represent a centennial period. There is certainly much to celebrate and commemorate. There are many celebration floats to stage: Quantum Theory not the least.

God's Rays

However, there is a non-historical float riding in this celebration parade. The current state of physics is also being universally lauded as the pinnacle of achievement - an all-time high. The term Golden Age of Physics has been invoked. And get a load of this: The flagship journal of the American physics establishment, PHYSICS TODAY, has inaugurated the World Year of Physics with nothing less than a ceremonial invocation of the Lord God. They published an article bearing the title "God’s Rays", expounding on how theology and physics are inextricably interlinked. "With it, PHYSICS TODAY begins the celebration of the World Year of Physics 2005."

Benedictus benedicat. Amen.

But I give you a little update here. Godtalk was the fashion of yesteryear. It has already been replaced. Today, the new fashion is Universetalk. If you can't do it, don't get on the catwalk.


Now, if you are interested in a different view – a unique, one-man view of the current state of physics – the following essays are for you.

The essays place at issue not only the current content, conduct and direction of physics, but also certain past achievements and entrenched edifices.

In my essays you will read what Mother ... er... the Media never tells you. There are many original-thinking physicists who would like to say some of the things I say – and between them, everything I say can be said. But even the boldest of them who are not concerned about reprisals will remain silent, lest their outspokenness jeopardize that much hoped-for trip to Stockholm someday. Between fear of Purgatory and lure of Sainthood, everyone is kept in their proper place.


How are the corrupting the civilization? Take only a few examples.

A clever technique that has come about is the use of a good custom to hide questionable practice: It is the (mis)use of the polite language of social discourse when direct, hard criticism of austere professionalism is called for. Thus, if you are an establishment theoretical physicist and know that a colleague Joe is promulgating some hocus-pocus and is in the process crowding out the real work of physics and diverting enormous amounts of young talent from fruitful pursuits, you feel a professional obligation to speak up. But you also want to cover for your dear esteemed colleague. So you corrupt that good custom and say: Joe is going quite far with his ideas….. This is neither here nor there. Not only does it not have the effect of criticism, but also it may be construed as praise. In this way, bad science is allowed to proliferate like weed and crowd out and kill the roots of good science. The young talent continues to be wasted while the young themselves arrogantly think they are doing great things – a sure mark of declivity. In my discourse, I have dispensed with the use of polite language in favor of razor-sharp clarity. Politeness I will reserve for other venues.

As mankind moved from the laws of the jungle to those of the organized society, it evolved the higher qualities of the mind. Highest among these precious qualities, grace and love of grace (as in: God shed his grace…). Thus, the public today has a great innate affinity for a graceful situation. So, if a clever publicity apparatus promotes a person as a poignant physics genius and elevates him to the status and the stature of a Rock Star, the public is captivated and enthralled. But slowly, this phenomenon – new in the twenty-first century - will surpass even the Rock Star! Like Lord Krishna, the genius appears before you assuming many forms: Now he is the storyteller of the universe; now he is a horseman of apocalypse;….. This is a shagadelic Physics Groovefest. When the public further hears that being in the same huge SRO auditorium (ticket event) with this individual is like being in the same room with Einstein, people are only too happy to swipe their credit cards and debit cards. Imagine how your life is graced by "the presence", for a mere $50 or $100 a pop! As a corollary, the public has a great disgust for hearing from anyone that this person may in actuality be completely inconsequential to physics. Any poor slob that tries to point this out is dismissed as a nuisance, as someone who makes you uncomfortable. You would rather not know. This is how – exploiting the nobler qualities of the human mind - physics is being corrupted without any resistance, science is being corrupted, and the civilization is being corrupted. If conmen exploit your trust, here the publicity apparatus is exploiting your very soul and changing you in the process - and that is why this matter is of new significance in the twenty-first century. It is happening right before your eyes, right now.


If this is not enough to make you think, let us take yet another example. What is an uncontroversial hallmark of the excellence of the twentieth century civilization? The Nobel Prizes. In the first six years of the twenty-first century, two highly questionable physics Nobel Prizes were given out – probably resulted from power politics. So power-drunk have these people become that they are now blatantly enshrining bogus scientific discoveries. The great lineup of the genuine discoveries is now being corrupted by sneaking in things that do not belong there. They spruce up the bogus discovery nicely, and the world thinks this is a one-of-kind article. But if you look closely, you might find a price tag or a "Made in Taiwan" sticker.

What is even more astounding is that no one, but no one, has said peep. There has been complete acquiescence through complete silence. The powerful leaders drive, and the rest follow like driven cattle. And since there is no protestation from within, everything shipshape, A-OK. The enterprise is perfectly safe. They do not have to answer any criticisms from outside, because outsiders are not entitled to criticise. The goverment funding agencies as well as their watchdogs are fully complicit in this.


So the current situation with the state of physics is this: They do not have a clue what a photon is, but they can tell you in great exactitude what all goes on inside a proton inside a nucleus inside an atom. They do not know what magnetic field is, but they can tell you the exact proportion of the quark-and-gluon solution from which the universe reportedly began. They cannot tell you when Aphrodite rose from the ocean, but they can give the exact DOB data on our universe. Today, full-grown adults - who shave and everything - sitting in bigtime chairs in bigtime universities, slinging bigtime equations and guzzling real taxpayer dollars will tell you with a straight face that they have pretty much got the universe figured out (Yes, The Universe!). They know how it began, when it began, and they know it is made of x% ordinary matter, y% dark matter and z% dark energy, with x + y + z = 100 (They have left no room for you to add salt to taste). You think I am 'funning'? Not in this case. Nobel Prizes have been handed out in great numbers for ‘achievements’ of this type.

The following is not a joke I made up. It is a quote from a prestigious journal, dated 5 January 2007:

The basic features of the universe have now been determined: It is 13.7 billion years old, spatially flat, and expanding at an accelerating rate; it is composed of atoms (4%), exotic dark matter (20%), and dark energy (76%); and there is evidence that galaxies and other structures were seeded by quantum fluctuations.

Pause a moment here and consider the mind-numbing absurdity. Only a few decades ago, the universe had only matter and energy in it. The physicists saw the universe, and it was good. Then, it was said: "Oh oh, there is something else: Dark matter." The physicists saw the universe, and it was good. A little time went by, and then: "Oh oh, there is something more here: Dark energy." The physicists saw the universe, and it was good. Now a committee met somewhere in secret and decided: "Resolved: There shall be no more oh ohs. We shall close the matter here. From now on x + y + z shall be exactly 100." Now, of course, this matter will be presented to you cloaked in a great deal of technical mumbo-jumbo – how the launching of this satellite and invention of that type of detector have made it possible to close the books on the universe. This is rubbish talk from people who know what they are doing.

This is how absurd the situation actually is – if you look at it from the correct vantage. But this vantage has been very cleverly hidden from the eyes and the minds of the world. You have been seated at a position in a side row of the gallery from where a clown performing looks and seems and sounds like a philosopher delivering a momentous discourse. I use the clown metaphor. If you prefer, you can call it the Theater of the Absurd. Whatever it is, it is not science. Any scientist worth anything at all would be the first person to tell you that you do not make such definitive assertions about the universe. You can advance theories and ideas - fine. You can philosophize - as long as it is clear that that is what you are doing. But to say that one cosmological theory about the age of the universe is "correct" at the exclusion everything else is pure idiocy. Collective idiocy may be - but idiocy nevertheless. Nobel-winning idiocy may be - but idiocy nevertheless.

There is something curious about this new fashion fad of theoretical physicists going around and giving popular lectures about the universe. By their own reckoning, the universe is 10 -15 billion years old. Our planet is probably a few billion years old. Mankind is probably a few million years old. Science is probably a few hundred to a few thousand years old, depending on how you define science. After all this time, exactly when an intense culture of arrogance, hubris and seeking of celebrity fame and fortune has spiked up about among the physics luminaries, is exactly when the universe is suddenly solved! Done and done! Man O man! Why don't they solve that little problem of energy crisis while at it? Why don't they give a helping hand to their plasma fusion reactor colleagues who have been spinning their wheels for decades? After dispatching the universe problem, these luminaries could probably attend to such minor matters between breakfast and lunch, with a leisurely coffee break in between. You'd think!

Hucksterism, no matter at how high a level it is conducted and no matter how much sophistry is brought to it and no matter how high positions in life it is conducted from and no matter how many stand behind it, is still hucksterism – pure and simple. The most insidious and the most effective hucksterism with regard to physics today is the hucksterism of the Media. They can take bogus scientists and pass them off as great geniuses. They can mainstream rubbish science. They can, and they are doing it. And no one protests. This is how the civilization is being corrupted, denatured and bastardized.

This is the key to understanding how our civilization is being extinguished – not just in physics, but in many areas of human endeavor.

The UniverseFraud:

In the first decade of the twenty-first century, the power-drunkenness, the arrogance and the hubris of this community have reached such a heady crescendo that they have blatantly enshrined before the world what is clearly a science fraud.

What they have sought to do here is to establish their chosen history of the Universe by conducting a sham space experiment, then anointing it and enshrining it and promulgating it through the agency of the media. So in fact, they have imposed on mankind their concocted view of the Universe as being the real nature of things - from here until the ends of time. This is what I call the UniverseFraud, the Mother of all frauds.There can be no greater fraud.

Pause a moment and comprehend what they are doing to you. The interested reader might visit my web page where I publicly allege science fraud in the above matter. Such an allegation could not stand if it did not stand on seven solid granite pillars. Here is a paragraph from that site:

So enormous is this fraud in terms of its significance for science and for humankind, so diabolic is this fraud in its conception, so hightech is this fraud in its deployment, so expansive is this fraud in terms of its patronage, so impenetrable is this fraud in terms of the powerbase engaged in its cover-up and so lofty and bombastic is the language used to fete this discovery in the world media – that ordinary language is woefully inadequate to convey its place in the civilization. Therefore I propose this new term:

The UniverseFraud

And this is how the civilization is going to hell in a hand basket. As I said, what man creates, man destroys.


Throughout these essays you will find sarcasm and silliness aplenty. These are the most effective weapons to deal with high level hocus-pocus. If you tackle such matters with equally high level calisthenics, you are playing their game. By the time they are finished with you, you will forget your mother's maiden name. Choose your own weapon. Only through humor can you effectively cut through the proverbial you-know-what.

Furthermore, as Michael Moore has demonstrated, sarcasm and silliness can be a most powerful way of communicating a message.

All comments in all essays I have made are contained squarely within the four corners of the established arena of the principles of scientific criticism as practiced by the academics – as I have outlined in the opening section "Principles of Academic Criticism" here.


All fields of science must necessarily rely on expertise of individuals or groups of individuals to determine how scientific truth will be gradually established and accepted into the realm of textbooks. This has been how it has worked all along, and with irrefutable good reasons. Imagine subjecting yourself to a medical procedure that has not been endorsed by experts. But there has come a time in our civilization when even this basic value system can be exploited by interest groups. Unbeknownst to you, a good custom may be used to corrupt the world. In many fields of science today (Physics, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Environmental Sciences, Anthropology….), a given theory may be widely accepted and may even have received experimental/observational support – and may yet be wrong, or not entirely true. Yet a collective force of authority may be brought to bear upon it – causing it to be entered into the textbooks as the truth. Subsequently, all alternative ideas may be rejected – based on this particular “slot” having already been filled. Therefore, in this day and age, the phrase that the scientific establishment “has endorsed it” or “has not endorsed it” should be taken with 1 TBSP of kosher salt. When you see big-time physicists posturing big-time on the world stage, keep these thoughts in mind.

I am not rephrasing the common adage "Question authority". Rather, I am saying: "Question what the authority is up to."

While we are on the subject of big-time posturing by physics academics, here's one more thought: This web site is also about my physics which the academic establishment does not acknowledge openly. They have some type of psychological block (more about that later). If you hear any august academics denegrate my physics in private, ask them why they do not have the intestinal fortitude to criticise my work in the open literature with a signed commentary. Would that not be the most natural and the most effective way for the establishment to put my web site out of business? You may hear all kinds of answers to your question. Ask yourself if those answers make sense. The true answer, I am sure, is to be found in this profound observation of the thinker Noam Chomsky:

Moral cowardice and intellectual corruption are the natural concomitants of unchallenged privilege.


If you have gone through such a checkered career as I have, you would know something firsthand about research in theoretical physics; experimental physics; design, conduct and analysis of laboratory and field experiments; numerical computation; astronomy and astrophysics; astronomical observation; and large scale-engineering projects – and underlying these all, professional accountability. Therefore, no one in any of the single fields above could do a snow job on you, thinking that you would not catch on (because you are in another field). So, essentially you have developed an ability to recognize, by visual or olfactory sense or a sixth sense, the telltale leavings of a male bovine. You could usually recognize such a conical accumulation even if it has been trimmed with golden filigree or treated with a nebulizer containing Chanel No. 22.

As far as progress in modern theoretical physics is concerned, the public is 100% dependent on what physicists tell them is good work. However, the large majority of the physics community itself is incapable of judging the veracity of the science here. They too have to accept the word of a few of their “expert” colleagues.

Most of today’s theory work is “verified” by experiments done in huge atom-smashing machines that are not accessible to any old person. Generally speaking, these machines cause high velocity particles to collide with each other. The result of these collisions is then “observed”. Theoretical physicists have defined the base-level idea of these machines. Experimental physicists have translated this idea into a practical device. Then engineers have designed and built the machines. Then engineers and experimental physicists operate the machine. They obtain some numbers or machine read-outs. These read-outs have to go through extensive processing – which involve a multiplicity of “modeling” assumptions – in order to yield a set of derived numbers that can then be compared with predictions of any theory.

Normally, no single person has command over all these areas. If he did, he would able to spot the distortion of information as it flows from one set of experts to another. I think that much of today’s theory enterprise is gaining experimental support where this overall command is absent. In one recent instance, it is being claimed that there is an accuracy of better than 1% in an agreement between a theory and an experiment on bombarding of subatomic particles.

Now, even us lay people ought to be able to see the absurdity of this. There are errors that are inherent in the raw experimental data. Then there are errors related to the assumptions that have been made in converting these numbers to those amenable to the theory. Then there are computational errors on the theory side – related to predicting from the theory the corresponding numbers. Now do a quick estimate about how good the error at each stage must be to assure you of a compounded accuracy of better than 1%.

And don't forget the selective experimentation syndrome. Normally, an experimenter in a basement lab of a physics department, after he has achieved success, thinks of doing a number of other experiments to make sure that nothing was being missed. It is not so easy to do this in the big machines. So, basically, it may be only those experiments that yield good results are the ones that are being replicated.

Ask any physicist about this, and you will hear a great deal of authoritative mumbo-jumbo. But stop him, and ask, does he understand the nitty-gritty of the machine? Or of he does, ask him if he knows how computations were made from the theory. Chances are, you will quickly find that he is talking nonsense in order to instinctively protect the house that Jack builds - that's what they all do. In fact, there is no single person that can vouch for the 1% accuracy flowing through this entire “chain of custody”. That is how it is. And taking advantage of this, I think, experiments are being fixed around chosen theories, and that is how heroes are being created, and anointed, and sainted.


Most people, even people with thorough familiarity with physics at a basic level, do not realize that today’s physics stands on firm legs which stand on a carpet under which a great deal have been swept. Not a single physics professor discloses this vital fact to a Physics 101 class. If they are ever questioned about any of the stuff under the carpet, they immediately assume a haughty and arrogant posture. The characteristic haughtiness and arrogance of physicists are not just traits of the profession, they are a defense mechanism. They have come about from a very basic instinct: Survival.

And yet, what has been swept out of sight is exactly what was vital to understand for a proper development of the science. Let us take only a couple of examples. What is magnetic field in empty space? What exactly is action-at-a-distance? What exactly is a photon in itself? When you read "an electron absorbs a photon and moves to a higher energy state", what the Dickens does it mean? How the heck does an electron "absorb" a photon? This type of statement is no more scientific than saying: The smile of the Buddha absorbs a multitude of sins. Yet, this is how modern physics has been developed all the way up to here, and posited as the hardest of all sciences. And nobody, but nobody, wants to reopen these issues. Nobody wants to go back to the foundation. Because if you do, this entire house of cards will collapse.

Such metaphors as absorption in the above context are very useful to physicists. With such descriptions, they can skip the inconvenient unresolvable issues, and procedd to bigger and better things. These metaphors also work in the practical world. With them, you can make physics work. And herein lies the rub. The establishment tells you that physics works, and therefore these unresolved issues are not important. Think about that!


I will also say a word or two about my indignation expressed plainly in the essays. Actually, it is a “controlled anger” – like the necessary controlled burn in forests. I liken my anger to the anger shareholders felt when they lost their life savings through corporate greed in the nineties, and continuing. If the corporation CEOs and other executives ruined these shareholders through unchecked dishonesty and limitless thirst for money, the leaders of the physics establishment are leading physics astray through their unchecked hubris and limitless thirst for public adulation. Uncle Sam is there to deal with the former scoundrels. Who is to deal with the latter luminaries? Somebody better speak!

And when it comes to thirst for money, it is increasingly becoming clear that the celeb physicists are no slouch either. These dreamyeyed philosophers are parlaying their ethereal fame into hard cash.

An Indian Guru waves his hand through air and pulls out holy ash out of thin air. A physics celebrity waves his hand through the tenuous fabric of the universe and pulls out dollars -- in used bills.

If you are an Indian medical doctor and wanted to be rich and famous, what should be your strategy? Come up with a hodgepodge of Eastern spirituality and modern science. Practicing medicine alone will not get you on Primetime TV. If you are a great statistician, and wanted to be rich and famous, what should be your strategy? You should become a Hedge Fund guru. As an academic statistician, you would not go any place. You would be seen as life-sized cutouts of numbers (1, 2 etc) walking down the hallway. If you are strong in mathematics, and you wanted to be rich and famous, what should be your strategy? If you are smart enough, you would realize that it is cosmology hocus-pocus passed off as the frontier of physics. By being just a mathematics genius, you will not go any place. You will be seen as a big brain on a thin stick. I am sorry, mathematicians and statisticians and doctors at large, but them’s the breaks.

The leaders of Crooked-E engaged in highly exotic manipulation of their books
The Crooked-E destroyed the employees, hurt the shareholders and damaged Wall Street
A Crooked-P would mislead young minds, hoodwink the society and subvert the course of scientific civilization
Is there a Crooked-P?
Today Physics has been hijacked and “exoticized”, and is being used as a vehicle for narcissism and hubris
And occasionally, deification
People who have done absolutely nothing to advance physics are being hyped as great physicists
These celebs are then parlaying their beautiful physics minds into a tidy personal fortune
That's right, hard currency, greenbacks, US$!
In this atmosphere, crucial and unresolved bread-and-butter real issues can no longer be raised or discussed
These are being kept hidden like Enron's real books


Suppose medical research turned to studying imaginary diseases in imaginary aliens on imaginary planets
And somehow linked all this to the way of the Lord God
Suppose no one had any interest in cancer or AIDS or epidemiology
And then these researchers wanted you to hero-worship them
You get the picture?

You say no one should try to straighten out academic communities? Well, the Physics Establishment tried to straighten out the academic community in Social Theory not so long ago. I am just giving them a dose of their own medicine.

This graphic was designed and presented to me by reader D. Sullivan - Thank you!


In the end, however, the message here is a positive and a constructive one. It says that for further progress, physics must return to reexamining its roots: The foundation is the frontier.

These are not essays from your usual trusted sources that you find in the media and in books from the big publishing houses: commentators and pontificators and talking heads and futurists and shakers and movers. Here are essays, uniquely, from a doer. I am the person who has begun to reexamine these roots. I have delved into the awesome rootwork, and attempted to know the place for the first time.

It is a sign of our times that you can read my essays only on the Internet: a forum that nobody controls, and where anybody can speak.

In exploring the roots among the ancient ruins, I have unearthed a hidden portal deep in the collective psyche of physics exploration: The unknown, remembered gate.


A hundred and fifty years ago, much of what we today call modern physics lay before us as a vast unknown forest. There were no marked trails, and we had to figure our way, each step of the way. We got Maxwell’s Equations, we declared them to be the truth and the whole truth, and paved the trail thus far in concrete. We got Quantum Theory, and we did more paving. We got the Standard Model, and we paved away – and so on. Now we have this long slick freeway through the unknown forest – and this we call the truth and the whole truth. You can drive 20 or 30 miles over the posted speed limit – no problem. But if you pull over on the shoulder and wander into the woods, you get ticketed by the highway patrol. You just do not go into the woods! It is forbidden. The truth, you see, has been set in concrete. The rest of the forest is untruth.

If wildflowers have bloomed unseen in the woods, let them waste their sweetness there. Stay the heck on the concrete! You may see one or two people in the distance, walking among the wildflowers; these are the crackpots. The outcasts of the society. Pay them no mind. And never pick them up as hitchhikers.

The newest section of the road currently being built will run past the town of Superstringville currently being planned. And beyond that will be the terminus - the future city of Los Dioses. It is being named after your hallowed leaders. The full name is actually Nuestro Señor el Rey de Los Dioses.

And that, readers, is how you explore physics today. Stay on the road. Keep your eyes focused on the road. When you become a member of the establishment, you in effect morph into some form of the famous guest of Sam-I-am. You take an oath to not look off the road:

Not in a box.
Not with a fox.
Not in a house.
Not with a mouse.
Not in a boat.
Not with a goat.
Not in a train.
Not in the rain.
I will not look here or there.
I will not look anywhere.

Better yet, just don't look!

Your hallowed leaders have got you covered. They will look after your soul.


The Internet today is replete with new ideas and theories in physics – some remarkably complete. Others have published new thoeries in popular science books, without going through the process of refereed scientific publication. I do not make any value judgment on such "publications" here, but point out that mine is not such a site. My site is about my physics publications that are legit, kosher, official, registered, accredited, entitled, archived, blessed, sanforized, pasteurized, disinfected, de-liced … whatever word you want to use that will distinguish the publication of any anointed mainstream establishment card holder from that of the unentitled.

Except for my last paper, my work is documented in the mainstream scientific literature, in exactly the same way as the work of any of your physics heroes executing celebrity dance today. My latest paper was not allowed to see the light of day. For many years I have tried everything conceivable to get my duly published discovery proposals noted. Yet they have met with complete and total and sepulchral silence - it is as though I am singing in the graveyard. For this reason alone, it has not been possible for me to undertake any efforts to attempt to consummate the discoveries, or to explore them further in the scientific literature. Because of the rejection by the establishment, others interested in my work have understandably adopted a wait-and-see attitude. So, basically, the establishment has effectively killed these ideas. All they need to do now is to wait it out until I die.

In today’s world, you could place a research physicist in one of the following categories in terms of what he receives from his colleagues:

Celebrity status/Fortune
Professional status/Fame
Pretending you do not exist 

You can imagine approximately a Gaussian distribution of the population of physicists over these categories. All I wanted (reasonably, I thought) is for my proposed foundational discoveries to be placed where I put the solid circle – which is likely the most populated category (acknowledgement of an idea does not imply endorsement). Instead, they have today put me in the asterisk category – which is in fact less populated than even the sainthood category. That dubious distinction somehow satisfies me.

You may wonder why I start an essay on “Physics and Physicists at the dawn of the Twenty-First Century” and talk so much about my case. Well, think a little more.

Why are my properly posed proposals - which constitute far more foundational and germinal issues of physics than those of any physicist living today - are not acknowledged by the physics establishment? Here at last is my considered opinion: It is because, after eons of continuous evolution of man, the process took a breather - and even a step back - to quirkily produce near the end of the Twentieth Century:

A unique breed of humans: The truth-averse scientists


There will be a natural tendency on the part of most observers to classify such activities under suppression, persecution, dissidence etc – well-established and well-hashed out phenomena in science. Such classification then leads to the attitude: It’s sad and bad, but it is a fact of life we have to live with. In truth, slowly and imperceptively, the nature of physics exploration has undergone a radical transformation by the dawn of the twenty-first century. We are dealing with a new and far more insidious phenomenon, a Darwinian phenomenon: Survival of the showiest. Persecution etc are today just incidental to this underlying trend.

Basically, what used to be a wide open country agricultural fair has become a suburban orchid growers’ convention. If you have grown a coreless apple or cholesterol-lowering rice, don’t bring it here. But since there is no other place to take it to, just go home. And stay home!


In any field of human endeavor, a Golden Age is marked by the bringing of something of profound and lasting value to the human society.

This is no Golden Age of Physics. If you must name this age, it is the Age of Fakery - it is in fact an all-time low. This age today has befallen nearly all fields of human endeavor. Basically, what happens is this: People who are most suited by virtue of their personal quality to be the vanguard of the endeavor never make it there. You will never hear of them. (A self-effacing judge as wise as Solomon in Smalltown USA will never make it to the Supreme Court. A mediocre jurist who has hung around the corridors of power all his life will.) Instead, second-rate individuals, through various machinations that are the hallmark of our age, appear before you as the leaders of that field. Most responsible for ushering in the Age of Fakery is the Media. The only fields that are immune to this thus are those where a person's accomplishment can be directly measured by the public (without the intermediary of the Media). Examples: A surgeon, an athlete etc.

Princeton University's distinguished Moral Philosopher Harry G. Frankfurt, and his Opus Odoriferous

An Age of Fakery is best understood if you read the book "On Bull----" by distinguished Princeton University philosopher Harry G. Frankfurt, published by the highly respected Princeton University Press. The book is a most astute commentary on our times. It explores the epochmaking advent of bs artistry in the contemporary society. From the time we get up in the morning to the time we retire at night, BS is coming at us from all directions in ceaseless torrent from every aspect of societal activity: Be it politics or statecraft, be it commerce or advertisement, be it whatever or whichever. It is coming at us in varying degrees of sophistication, and in various guises. It is piling up wide and high, burying us all so that we can hardly see it. It has happened also in physics. The physics establishment and the media are collaborating to pass the present time - their time - off as the Golden Age of Physics, through highly sophisticated bs artistry.

The guises under which BS is coming at you are sometimes difficult to see through. Some people may think that if they see something on the PBS, then it is not BS. Others may think that if something is "award-winning", then it cannot be BS; or that if someone is award-winning, then he cannot be a BS artist. If someone has made TEMPUS Magazine's annual list of glitterati called Seventy Suave Savants, then he cannot be a BS artist. Still others may think that if something is issuing from a person with multiple titles before his name and a string of letter combinations afterwards, and with his hind quarters rested on an academic "chair", then this emanation has to be somehow blessed. And most people think that if this indeed were an Age of Fakery, they would hear it from authoritative sources: The media pundits and talking heads and assorted commentators and futurists and think tanks. But that is the whole point. The Age of Fakery means collective declivity, the overall decay of entire intellectual communities and their observers. So you cannot apply these conventional criteria. You need a hard-to-find, secret vantage point where no one has got to. That is what my essays uniquely provide – nothing more, but nothing less.


When was the last time that a germinal physics discovery was made that has by today translated to some benefit for mankind? Think decades.

When was the last time you saw some physicists appear in some media outlet, and pump themselves up like Hans and Franz? Think days.

Two score and ten years ago the world was promised deliverance from great ills through the gift of unlimited, cheap and clean energy. Like Prometheus, physicists would bring you fire from heaven. The world has since been investing unlimited, hard-earned and difficult resources into Magnetically-confined Plasma Fusion Research. What do you hear about the status of that promise in this celebration of the "Golden Age" of physics? Not much. Think about this: Today, whenever there is involved a tangible benefit to man from physics, it is always a long time coming.

What investigation is it that is being conducted with all due haste? Pathways to parallel universes, Teleportation, Time Travel….. them intangible, deathless things that inspire the lofty spheres of imagination, and elevate mankind closer to God.

Which geniuses are being praised today to high heaven? Those who engage in the above activities. I mean, High Heaven. Them folks are being likened to the Almighty Himself!

If Prometheus is a hard act to follow, there is great glam factor in following George Lucas. Lucas’s people work their magic using the computer, and bits and pieces of scrap metal, rubber, paint etc. You can also do similar things with mathematics. If you call the fare you thus produce entertainment, then fine. If you call this physics and in the process crowd out the real work of physics, that is where BS artistry comes in. The purveyors and the promoters and the condoners of such activity are all BS artists.

And if the physicists can take some of the duties off of the clergy in the process, so much the better for our battered civilization. And of course, better for your soul. So, Dear Clergy, help is on the way!


Consider: When the guy on the late night infomercial tells you powerfully ("Money-back Guarantee") that his potion will give you a thick, luxurious head of hair, most everyone can tell that he is bs-ing. When a politician tells you in great oration that, if elected, he will work to root out corruption, many people can tell he is bs-ing. When a modern-day psychologist tells you with tented fingers that your current depression is linked to your not owning a pet in childhood, some people can tell he is bs-ing. When the media promotes as genius a piece of literature or fine art that most people cannot even relate to, a few people can tell they are bs-ing. When a philosopher propounds in scholarly language on the connection between the music of the spheres and the rhythm of life, very few can tell that he is bs-ing. When a physicist tells you with horrendous mathematics that parallel universes are banging against each other and producing cosmic tsunamis, it seems that only one person in the whole wide world tells you that he is bs-ing.

Consider this formula: I develop a horrendously mathematical theory that the star Alpha Centauri is not a perfect sphere, but has a small prolateness. Perfectly safe, because no one can prove otherwise, and very few people can wade through the equations. Now I mobilize the eager-beaver physics media. New York Times carries a big headline: Physicist discovers a star in the shape of a d'Anjou pear. Before long, there is a PBS program: “Of Pears and Prayers”. In one scene, I am sitting pensively by the gentle Ganges in beaming moonlight, staring soulfully at a golden temple dome (pear-shaped). The deep background voice of the narrator says (I would choose James Earl Jones): God’s rays and a physicist’s musings – are they so different after all? In another finely choreographed sequence, I am lecturing to a big audience which listens in rapture, and a barrage of TV cameras points at me. The scene then closes in tightly on an intensely attentive, captivating, fresh-faced young lady in the audience (try Natalie Portman). The faint background music now is almost subliminal, but if you listen carefully, it is "How great thou art...." . Before you know it, I have upstaged John Nash in the public eye – in the beautiful mind category. I become the most famous name and face in contemporary physics. Even though I may not have done a single solitary thing for physics, powerful colleagues may forcefully aver that I have discovered the all-important De d'Anjou Peariform Equation for Stellar Distortion in a 13-dimensional Universe. Now a couple of items are strategically put out: I am a successor to the great physicists Bert Unkempt and Newt Isaaksson. And when I was a mere toddler, I was once heard saying to myself: I imagine, therefore I be.

Before long, the well-crafted imagemaking campaign results in my being named in the famed newsweekly TEMPUS Magazine's annual list of Seventy Suave Savants. In this way, my scientific credentials snowball, and soon enough, I get on the Nobel Prize Bookmaker's inventory. I am now looking into getting myself a New York Publicity Agent-cum-Celebrity Handler. For this purpose, I am studying how Carl Sagan worked his gig.

I also recognize that a great physicist must address the question of the ultimate, or the smallest constituent of matter. But wouldn’t it be sexy to find that this constituent is something of everyday experience - something even a housewife could relate to? After great deliberation in this regard, I have decided that the model should a clothespin, which has all the requisite properties. The theory could be called simply Spin Theory ([Clothe]spin -> Spin, get it?!). Sometimes I amaze myself.

The shape of the ultimate (smallest) constituent of all universes

The stage is set. But in order for my ad blitz to properly work, the attention must always remain focused on me. If some annoying little slob tries to draw attention to some mundane real issues of physics, my sturdy stagehands (these bouncers - who have really become physics's own version of legbreakers - are sometimes referred to as Editors) hustle him away off the stage.

I am now beginning to feel that I am a man of destiny. As such, I am also expected to engage in a little highfalutin philosophizing. I have therefore bought a copy of "Bartlett's Familiar Quotations" from I do like that Spinoza dude. The next bold phase of my campaign will be to take my revue show on the road. I will take my gig to America - for only in America has the civilization advanced enough that you can successfully merchandise your beautiful mind. My Celebrity Handler will work out the necessary contractual matters. Using advanced stagecraft (I will try Dreamworks SKG) and son et lumiere (perhaps Industrial Light and Magic), I will visualize for the audience the strangely beautiful universe of Alpha Centauri. I will charge ticket prices comparable to Bono and the Spice Girls. It is wise to watch your competition and stay abreast of them.

Everyone agrees that getting physics ideas out is important. But why give talks for free at university campuses like other academics when there are phenomenal riches to be raked in from the public adulation? My detractors are jealous, but that’s just because they have not figured out how to cash in on physics exploration themselves. If great masterpieces of painting of yesteryear were done on commission, what is wrong with my making great physics discoveries under intense celebrity arclight? Isn't it heart-warming to know that the whole world is waiting on you with bated breath, asking "Is it soup yet?"?

Dear Reader, Try the above formula for gaining academic fame and celebrity fortune. It is known to work in the real world. That's right, I did not make all these up, not entirely. This is BS artistry at its twenty-first century finest, at its physics best. For, who can identify it as such?

And now read the following excerpt from Harry G. Frankfurt's book, popularly known as "On Bull":

However studiously and conscientiously the bull----ter proceeds, it remains true that he is also trying to get away with something. There is surely in his work, as in the work of the slovenly craftsman, some kind of laxity that resists or eludes the demands of a disinterested and austere discipline.

Uncanny, isn't it? You begin to wonder if the great moral philosopher from Princeton did not have certain contemporary theoretical physicists in mind!

But the unorthodox thinker also issues a veiled warning to the society, which may be seen to be the most applicable to the conduct of physics today. He notes that bs does not necessarily have to be untrue, but that

...bull---- is a greater enemy of truth than lies are

Indeed, we have seen how lies such as cooked data can sometimes confound physics. But bs such as the mainstreaming and overselling of weird navel contemplation has forever diverted physics from the useful and the good. Lies hinder, but bs hijacks.


In the old days, a scientist gained fame after his ideas proved to be correct, and indeed, sometimes posthumously. But a newly emergent “social” phenomenon in physics exploration is this: When it comes to a physicist gaining public prominence, the question of correctness of an idea is not at all at issue. The underlying principle: Fame first, validation later. That being the case, it is only those people who can mobilize the publicity apparatus achieve the limelight. Others lesser beings who advance equally fascinating ideas are sidelined, or completely ignored, or kept suppressed. Their work is not even subjected to evaluation or exposition – for to do that would upset the cozy gravy boat. Such is the power of organized, institutionalized BS Artistry.

The twentyfirst century physicist's handy desk companion
Scratch a few equations, then reach for it!


BS occurs at many levels. The problem lies in our ability to detect it at the level in which it is occurring. The trick in today’s world is to do bs-ing at as inaccessible a level as possible. With physics, bs-ing occurs at the highest level of inaccessibility. And be sure to have your professional colleagues (who have to know what is going on) on your side, so that they will not spill the beans to the public at large. They must be partners in BS artistry. They are your enablers.

And do not forget the most unsung bs artists of the physics establishment - unsung because their "accomplishments" must remain secret. Has it ever occurred to you that there is a vast and critically important story that will never be told - the story of ideas rejected by the establishment editors? Since the “rejectees” are individuals who do not know about one another, they can never network or compare notes. If you could pull together and compare their stories out in the open, you would see the kind of blatant deception that goes on. What these editors have got going for them is a capacity to make cogent-sounding arguments by cleverly juxtaposing beautiful words and effective phrases. These are the finest jiggery-pokery artists. From my vantage point, I can tell you this: The flowery excuses the physics editors cook up to reject papers from outside the establishment sometimes boil down to the basic category “I don’t wanna!”. For example, if a clear, precise paper with a clear, precise derivation on a matter of clear, precise current importance has been submitted by a person from a P. O. Box address – and the paper could not be dismissed on any conceivable grounds – it might be still be returned forthwith (by the return mail) with the comment: You have to first prove that the existing idea is wrong before you can construct a new idea!

So, suddenly, the total number if ideas in physics must be conserved! One idea must be killed, and room be made for a new idea.

Thanks to Harry G. Frankfurt and Princeton University, we now have a much-needed academic nomenclature for this type of activity. We no longer need stay behind that all-too-convenient barrier of contrived parlor politeness; we no longer need sip tea with our pinkie sticking out. We can now tell it like it is. We can wake to this clear and present phenomenon. Unlike chemists, biologists et al, today's physicists are not serving the tangible welfare of the society at all. They only have a two-fold use for the society:

(1). To give them funds
(2). To admire their beautiful minds

Indeed, the Age of Fakery is the essentially the Age of BS Artistry. And that Age is in full swing:

From the sublime infinitude of God's Rays to the high end of the measurement range of the BS Meter: That is the incredible journey you will embark upon if you choose to read my essays. And this journey has the most profound implications.



Throughout the history of man, there have been efforts to dominate the world. In the realm of statecraft: the great conquerors like Alexander the Great and great mad men like Adolf Hitler. In the realm of religion: the great proselytizers. In the realm of culture: MTV. In the realm of fiction: Dr. No and SPECTER. But to date, no one has even conceived of the possibility of intellectual world domination. If physics has run out of steam, it is not because we have run out of smart people. Quite the contrary. It is because that steam is being diverted with diabolical cleverness to power a far grander plan: Intellectual domination of the world through a two-pronged approach:

- Take control of the physics agenda
- Take control of the religion agenda

Thus, the new savior will be fashioned by taking elements of Galileo, Newton and Einstein on one hand, and Christ, Jehovah, Buddha etc et al on the other. The Media will be the mechanism for constructing this image. Then a glossy teflon coat will be applied to add the glam factor. We will then have the composite Supreme Planetary Savior (SPS) who will control the world absolutely by the end of this century. Actually, we already have the first prototype being Beta-tested.

With my special pair of spectacles which let me distinguish who is not a regular human being, I have looked at this Protosavior. The most incredible truth that has been revealed to me I will now share with you:

The Supreme Planetary Savior(SPS) is actually the ultimate Advanced BS Artist (ABA). They are one and the same.

So, as you go through life in the coming age, always remember, don't ever forget, this handy-dandy equation for your survival, the Third Cautionary Law of Planetary Survival:


Finally, a corollary to the above law was also revealed to me. I will share this with you, but I caution you that you may not want to go there. I have often wondered why all these knights seeking the Holy Grail of Physics cannot recognize that the Grail is right before them: It is in my work. I got my answer when the true shape of that Holy Grail which these knights in shining armor are seeking was revealed to me. It is their very ultimate quest - past all fame, past all adulation, past all the thirst for knowledge. It is the quest at the deepest of the deep of their beautiful minds. All else emanates from it. If you are determined to find out what this is, then brace yourself, and click here.

Dove state andando?
Wohin gehen Sie?
Adónde usted va?
Kuda vy edetye?
Où allez-vous?
Waar gaat u?
Ni qu nar?

The Golden Age of Physics is behind you if you follow the Physics Establishment.

It is just ahead if you follow me.

So look on my ideas:


You do not like them.
So you say.
Try them! Try them!
And you may.
Try them and you may, I say.


                      Do not go gentle into that good night,
                      Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
                      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

- Dylan Thomas

It may rudely shatter every belief you, as a science enthusiast, have held dearly about the field of physics, but this is today perhaps the least objective of all fields of science when it comes to focusing on properly posed discovery proposals. It is entirely subjective as to which proposals will be attended to and worked on and promoted. And this subjectivity in turn is tied to such considerations as who is a “fair haired boy” and is as such entitled to be groomed, what discovery can get media attention, whether the discovery is at the “cutting edge”, how the discovery would do the Nobel Prize proud, etc. If you are not entitled, if you are not in good with the power brokers, if you have not played “the game”, if your discovery is directed at old, unfinished business, if you do not have a photogenic personality suitable for PBS TV, then God help you! For nobody else can. This is precisely why this community clamors so loudly about objectivity, honesty and self-policing – precisely the qualities that are missing from them. They know it! And the collective behavior of a herd cannot be drastically different from the behavior of the typical individuals who make up the herd.

Many people whose properly posed ideas have been ignored by the establishment protest, but adopt a conciliatory stance of a sad supplicant towards the establishment. They place great value upon being graceful and gentlemanly and non-acrimonious in their protestation. They hope that someday the establishment might throw a bone at them – and they want to set out a welcoming mat and leave the front door wide open for the bearers of that tasty morsel. They ain’t coming!

One well-qualified physicist, an outsider at the last stage of life, having fought a lifelong battle to gain acceptance, has put up his lifework as a book on the Internet. He expresses hope that this will be discovered by a big publishing house, be published, and possibly (I add) revolutionize physics (For this is what he seeks to do). It ain’t gonna happen!

Today's physics luminaries are whooping it up in the present – when they can enjoy fame and fortune in good health. Who cares if their ideas are proved wrong when they are dead and gone? To the outsiders, they are saying: We cannot attend to your ideas now. For these outsiders they are prescribing deferred gratification: May be your idea will be recognized after you are dead and gone. Suffer in the present. Suffering will have an ennobling effect on you. And if you are gentleman, suffer gracefully.

All such graceful gentlemen dissidents, in the end, will "go gentle into that good night". Nothing will remain of their efforts.

And nothing will remain of my efforts either. But I have chosen not be a graceful gentleman. I cannot understand how burning passion can be made subservient to vanity. I have thus chosen to "rage, rage against the dying of the light".


Can there be a return of physics that is beneficial to the society? In my thinking, yes. The place needs to be cleansed of the fops and dandies and poseurs and posturers, and their town criers in the Media. It also needs to be cleansed of the large numbers of cocky young so much in evidence in String Theory Message Boards. They should look for occupation outside of physics – may be they would be good salesmen. Being cock-sure and supremely confident before you have delved deep into anything has become the hallmark of the young generation of physicists today.

The Nobel Prizes for Physics should be suspended for ten years, and that institution should undergo extensive reform and go back to its original mission. Until then, the public should disregard these prizes.

Publications of all physics journals should likewise be suspended for ten years. No new textbooks of physics should be written for ten years. If they are, the students should not buy them.

Quantum Theory research should be closed down for ten years. The subject of Cosmology should be transferred irrevocably to the Departments of Applied Philosophy and Alternative Mathematics.

No physicists should be given any celebrity status as physicists. All this fancy God-talk and Universe-talk and highfalutin philosophy from physicists must stop. Leave the God-talk to the Clergy, the Universe-talk to the Swamis and the philosophizing to the philosophers. No popular physics books should be published for ten years. If they are, the public should not buy them.

All physics professors need to be sent to reeducation camps. There, early morning every morning, a huge burly ex-Marine Master Sergeant with foul breath will shout in their faces: "You do not know a damn thing. You do not know a damn thing. You do not know a damn thing." Then the professors will respond in unison: "Sir, Yes Sir!" Then the Sergeant will shout: "I can't hear you!" The professors will shout louder: "Sir, Yes Sir!" If they have behaved, they should then be given a lunch of kvass and unleavened bread. No soup for you!

Even the beginning physics classes need to allow questioning of accepted wisdom. Where fundamental issues are open to question, they should be so recognized. Only the ancient textbooks – those published fifty years more ago – should be used.

Throughout the world, students in Physics 101 Classes should challenge their teachers to address my foundational work in the open classroom. Do not accept evasive answers or haughty arrogance. Remember, you are paying them to teach correct physics. You should not accept anything less. If the answer is "I don't know who the heck Bibhas De is", then direct them to my work and ask the question after a few days. If the answer is "His work has not been evaluated", then this is evasive. They are the once who have chosen to not evaluate the work. If the answer is "His ideas have been proved wrong", then this is an outright lie. Nothing has been proved wrong.

Teams of 'NextGen' physicists (or non-physicists with something to contribute) – within academia or outside, beginning students or old-timers – should work on the foundational issues of physics: What is magnetic field? What is electric charge? What the Dickens is action-at-a-distance? What is empty space? Is all electromagnetic radiation electromagnetic wave? All these should be seen as the most advanced research issues. If necessary, physicists should do tabletop experiments with bar magnets, compass needles etc. The Big Machines be damned!

The new researchers will ask about the photon those questions which nobody in today's establishment has the breadth of talent or the depth of intellect to ask. The new researchers will ask: What is a photon? Like Marcus Aurelius Antoniunus a long time ago, they will ask:

What is it in itself?
What is its nature?

And physics will have a wonderful revival.

If a tall building is constructed way past the point where the workmen had forgotten to weld the steel beams together, a dishonest builder may keep silent about it and continue the construction. An honest and conscientious builder will tear the building down and start from the foundation. Physics must return to its foundations. Those who stand in the way must leave now. Don’t do any more harm by subverting our civilization, by forcing it to conform to your woefully limited, but superhyped, intellect! Take your lust for celebrity-hood to Hollywood.

When the above conditions exist, the foundational issues will naturally emerge as the most advanced research issues, and will receive the attention they deserve and demand, request and require.

My sense is that once we have re-started from the foundation, our new trajectory will diverge from the established one. In other words, we have got much today in the textbooks that is wrong.

Physics will blossom again. It will serve the cause of the society. These ten years can be a revolution far more profound than the one that happened a hundred years ago.

But Society, you have a responsibility too. You must stop worshipping the false idols and accepting their fancy talk as true advances in physics.

Proceed to:




If you have kept in tune with the happenings in the scientific world, you would have noticed that during the first five years of the Twenty-First Century, physics news has been gradually marginalized in the mainstream media. There are several reasons for this. First, the rise in importance of medicine, climatlogy, meteolorlogy and oceanography, and non-physics aspects of space exploration. Second, after decades of running their motor-mouths at high RPM on how important they and their ideas are, the physicists have failed to deliver anything of value to human society or human civilization. The invasion of the stringy locusts across the physics landscape shows no signs of abating, making this land a forbidding place to try to grow anything of value. Third, just as the successive episodes of Star Wars have become more and more jaded – unable to excite the imagination further – so have the cosmic fantasies from the physics academics. Even the physics Nobel Prizes fail to attract much public interest anymore. Fourth, because of all of the above, even politicians do not seem to be very hot on championing the cause of physics. Fifth, the powerful physics counterculture movement on the Internet is having some impact, which cannot yet be assessed. Sixth, hypester science reporters who continue to bring to newspaper editors "news" singing paeans to the physicists may soon find themselves on the bread line. I think the editors are beginning to catch on how they are being used in the grooming process. The only places you see such paeans being sung anymore are the in-house publications of the physics establishment. They are still going great guns – completely oblivious of the reality.

Hey comatarie hey yo ho hey comatarie hey yo ho...

You can peddle high level hocus-pocus as great science to the public only for so long. The shaman can dance only for so long. If the patient is not cured by then, he will be taken to a regular doctor. The public is turning to the "regular" sciences.



Many experts today say that we are now in the phase of the Decline and Fall of the American Civilization. The gigantic science fraud and its cover-up by the scientific establishment will become an iconic symbol of this in the intellectual arena. This is being brought to the attention of the new White House through the following letter. I am fully aware that this is a Don Quixote exercise, but a man's got to do what a man's got to do.