In December of 1972 Bibhas De, then a graduate student of Professor Hannes Alfvén at the University of California, San Diego, submitted a brief paper to the journal Icarus suggesting that the planet Uranus should have a ring system. The idea was based on the theory of origin and evolution of the Solar System developed by Hannes Alfvén and Gustaf Arrhenius.

At this time, a self-styled “American School” on the origin of the solar system, led by one A. G. W. Cameron, had advanced theories that explained why Uranus did not have rings.

The paper was rejected.

After the discovery of the ring system, Icarus was asked to reopen the question of publication. This was done, and the paper was again rejected.

The paper was eventually published in the journal The Moon and the Planets.

Some correspondence in this connection are presented here:

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